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Import & export: tailor-made Caucasus transports

Expand your trading activities with the Caucasian states – we ensure seamless goods logistics.

Professional import and export logistics

Capture new markets in the Caucasus
The Caucasus region is in economic transition, with great import demand for construction materials, machines, and IT products. Trade is expected to intensify as a result of new association agreements with the EU. Already, our logistics company regularly transports goods in the region, which offers us a significant advantage through our knowledge of efficient routes and secure transport roads. Knowledge you can benefit from as well. Enjoy a seamless market introduction, with professional logistics to support profitable business from day one. Discover our offers for Caucasus transports in more detail.

Our range of services

Transport by road, rail, water, or air freight – we'll find the best solution
Express deliveries
Are you looking to ship your goods to Armenia, Georgia, or Azerbaijan in a hurry? Benefit from our express shipment. Our employees offer a very quick handling service, with your transit transport set to leave in just a few days. If requested, we can load vehicles exclusively with your freight to ensure that your goods arrive in Central Asia even quicker.
We offer shipments to the Caucasus for cargo starting from one kilogramme, which allows our customers great shipment flexibility. Our strategically organised groupage transports use a network of freight centres. Simply drop your goods at one of our centres in your area, and we take care of the transport to Georgia, Armenia, or Azerbaijan.
Hazardous goods transports
Besides chemical products, some crude oil products are also considered hazardous goods – which means that there is high demand for hazardous goods transports to Armenia, Georgia, or Azerbaijan. We added various specialised vehicles to our fleet in order to meet all legal requirements. Of course, we additionally ensure that you obtain all necessary approvals to transport your hazardous goods.
Heavy and oversized freight
Large machines, prefabricated components, and agricultural machines often exceed the weight or volume specifications of classic transports. We have a range of state-of-the-art heavy-goods transport vehicles to make sure your bulky products arrive at their destination. Our administrative professionals gladly assume all planning duties for heavy-good transports in the Caucasian region on request – from planning a permissible route to load securing.
B2B & Diplomats relocation service
How do you move a fully furnished office or workshop from Europe to the Caucasus? With our B2B relocation service! If you are planning an expansion to Georgia, Armenia, or Azerbaijan, or if you are looking to move your headquarters to Central Asia, we offer the fitting complete logistics solution with door-to-door service.
Trade-fair and exhibition logistics
Trade fairs and exhibitions in the Caucasus region are growing more popular and relevant. We make sure that your technical setup, goods, and stands arrive at the grounds on time, allowing you to prepare your presentation at leisure. Our trade fair transport services also cover administrative duties to obtain the necessary authorisations for temporary goods imports into Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

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Useful information about transports to the Caucasus

We offer long-standing logistics experience and know-how in a relatively new economic region and environment.
Flexible transport solutions to meet every demand
Flexibility is paramount to us. It helps our customers conduct their Caucasian business without a hitch – with logistics services they trust in. To meet all demands, we operate a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles. Besides trucks for mid-sized and larger loads, we also offer specialised transporters, for hazardous goods or heavy cargo for example, ready to leave for the Caucasus. Our experts work out convoys tailored to your individual requirements. Of course, our planning process offers you full transparency, with concrete targets set for appointments, freight quantities, and delivery points. We do not have maximum or minimum weight limitations and are delighted to ship both small packages of one kilogramme up as well as extra-heavy goods.
We assume all logistics duties to master the challenges associated with hazardous goods transports to Georgia, express deliveries to Armenia, or multimodal transports to Azerbaijan. Our diverse vehicle fleet and competent multilingual employees will always find the right transport solution for your specifications. On request, we also take care of a comprehensive range of administrative duties. We look forward to introducing our large portfolio of Caucasus services here and are always there to answer your request in person.
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