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Customised concepts for your Central Asia logistics

Central Asia – a focus area of our shipping company

Customised transport concepts
Are you looking for a reliable partner for your Kazakhstan transports, deliveries to Turkmenistan, of express shipments to Uzbekistan? Many transport companies will have little to no experience with these challenges. Our shipping company, on the other hand, has years of experience in Central Asia with various logistics solutions available for trade between Great Britain, the EU, and the regional countries. Thanks to our in-depth know-how and daily transport operations, our employees are excellently acquainted with the regional languages, culture, and legal provisions of the various countries.

Our range of services

Transport by road, rail, water, or air cargo – we will find the right solution
Express deliveries
Are you looking for particularly fast transports to Tajikistan or rapid deliveries to other Central Asian countries? Our express shipping service offers the fitting solution for you. Your goods will arrive at their destination after just a few days, depending on the distance to be travelled. On request, we also offer delivery by a vehicle loaded exclusively with your goods, for even faster transport processes.
Groupage transport
Groupage transport offers the perfect value-for-money for smaller freight volumes. With our large network of strategically distributed collection centres, you can easily drop off goods with weight from one kilogramme, to then be transported by us to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.
Hazardous goods transport
Special regulations apply to the transport of hazardous materials, both in the EU and in the Central Asian countries. We know all the relevant provisions and use special containers and vehicles to comply with these. We look forward to working out complete solutions for the safe and reliable transport of chemical products and raw materials to their destination.
Heavy and oversized cargo transports
Deliveries to Central Asia, such as transports to Kyrgyzstan, often include oversized machine parts or particularly heavy loads. As your reliable partner for complete logistics solutions, we also offer the fitting transport technology for these types of cargo. In addition, our employees assume all planning tasks in detail, including permit management.
B2B relocation service
Are you looking to move your headquarters to Central Asia, or would you like to open a new branch in the region? Get ready for a complex moving process. We help you in mastering this challenge quickly, ensuring that everything goes off without a hitch. Our B2B relocation services for Central Asia include a care-free door-to-door offer.
Exhibition and trade fair logistics
Trade fairs and exhibitions in Central Asia offer interesting opportunities to gain a foothold on a new market. With us, your goods and accessories are sure to arrive securely and on-time, giving you the peace of mind to focus on presenting your company in the best light.

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Valuable information about transports to Central Asia

You benefit from more than just modern logistics services. Our team of experts is looking forward to supporting you with your Uzbekistan transports, Kyrgyzstan transports, and much more.
Our range of technical equipment includes a fleet of vehicles with all the necessary furnishings to handle special transports as well.
The Central Asian region spans various countries with their own characteristics. Most transports to Turkmenistan include textiles, oil, or machine parts, while Kazakhstan transports often revolve around chemical products. Our vehicles are as diverse as the countries to which they deliver cargo. Logistics operations in Asia and Eastern Europe often involve very long distances, a challenge we master with two solutions. First, we create a multimodal transport planning for every transit operation. This means that we find the most efficient route for your goods by ship, truck, train, or also via air cargo. Your Mongolia transports or transports to Tajikistan reach their destination quickly and at the best cost. On top of this, we always know which routes are safest and most reliable thanks to the long-standing experience of our employees.
Our comprehensive logistic solutions focus, among others, on Central Asia. This also means that we deliver goods to a very large destination area, which includes services to the following countries: Uzbekistan transports, Turkmenistan transports, Kazakhstan transports, Mongolia transports, Tajikistan transports, and Kyrgyzstan transports. You can always trust on the full range of our logistics offers.

Uzbekistan transports, as well as all import or export trade with Kazakhstan and all other Central Asia logistics services, must be tailored to your goods, time specifications, and freight volume. That is why we generally offer customised transport concepts. Naturally, you are included in the planning process and your specifications determine which final transport solution we optimise for you.
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